Baking Breakfast

By Jill Berkowitz Provan

Drop Scones with Lemons, Poppyseeds, Jam, and Walnuts

Drop Scones with Lemons, Poppyseeds, Jam, and Walnuts

This is an extraordinary testament to our family and food—one could not exist without the other. 
—George Berkowitz, founder of Legal Sea Foods, author of Legal Sea Foods Cookbook

Baking Breakfast: Delicious, Wholesome Muffins, Breads and Cakes Inspired by Three Generations of Family Cooking is an easy-to-follow, handsomely illustrated collection of original recipes. The 132-page, 8x10", softcover book contains more than forty sweet and savory recipes (six of them gluten-free) to enjoy for breakfast or brunch, with your morning coffee, tea, or as afternoon treats. Detailed lists highlight the sixteen quickest recipes, eight recipes with batter that can be made ahead and refrigerated, and twenty-one essential ingredients to have in your kitchen.

What makes Baking Breakfast a unique cookbook? The recipes combine tried and true baking methods with fresh, tasty, wholesome ingredients, so as to strike a perfect balance on your palate. Having been tested and perfected by Provan—in daily consultation with her family of epicures—for decades, these recipes are sure to make a baker out of you.

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